Each year, the conference has a particular theme based on the most important issues facing investors and this year it is ‘Soft landing, hard landing, no landing? Strategies for a wide range of outcomes. Presenters will explore the challenges and uncertainties around the near-term outlook for the world economy and financial markets and provide a longer-term perspective on investment opportunities that are being created. You can view the videos and presentations for each speaker below.
Kallum Pickering - Berenberg
Kallum Pickering
The rocky road back to normal times

Kallum discusses the shift in the economy away from the sluggish growth and low interest rate environment following the GFC  back to an ‘old normal’.

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Sophia Li - FSSA Investment Managers
Not the Japan you'd expect

This presentation highlights the rationale for investing in Japan’s stock market. Japan is commonly regarded as a low-growth country which has lost its innovation momentum.

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Mark Baribeau - Jennison Associates
The global spectrum of growth

Mark explains how the multiple contraction of 2022 set-up a very good year for growth companies during 2023. 

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Weili Zhou - Robeco
Weili Zhou
Surfing the ocean of alternative data

Weili discusses, data, computing, and how advanced algorithms are driving tremendous change in all aspects of our lives, including how we invest.

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alex harvey - mgim
Alex Harvey - MGIM
The role of bonds today in multi-asset portfolios

The presentation serves to show how bonds are again an important component of multi-asset portfolios.  

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tatjana greil-castro - muzinich
Tatjana Greil-Castro
Opportunities in corporate credit

Tatjana discusses various topics surrounding bonds, beginning with the inversion of yield curves in the US and Eurozone.

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lisa lim - prusik
Lisa Lim
Sustainable investments in Asia

Lisa discusses the growing global influence of Asia and the potential for finding opportunities, particularly when focusing on sustainability. 

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adrian petreanu - ashmore
Adrian Petreanu - Ashmore
China a temporary blip or heading towards Japanification?

China’s shift from the growth engine of the world to an economy characterised by sluggish growth and poor consumer sentiment has been a major theme in 2023, however alongside these challenges Adrian sees some opportunities.

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daniel o'keefe - artisan partners
Daniel O'Keefe
New Paradigms

Daniel highlights the enormous challenges facing climate transition, the shift in China’s ascendancy, and why the US is more relatively advantaged than it has been since the end of WWII. 

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heather hopkins - nextwealth
Heather Hopkins - NextWealth
Consumer Duty and the evolving landscape for advisers

Heather talks about how The Consumer Duty has the potential to re-shape the UK retail wealth market with broad implications for product providers and financial advisers. 

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ferdi van heerden - Momentum investments
Ferdi van Heerden - MI
The importance of partnerships

Ferdi provides an update on the business, emphasizing our dedication to an outcome-based investing philosophy and how this translates to delivering good outcomes for our clients. 

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jeremy stretch - cibc
Jeremy Stretch
Soft landing, hard landing, no landing?

Jeremy discusses the market dynamics shifting economies worldwide towards a hard, soft or no landing. 

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sunil thakor - sands capital
Competitive advantage & inflation protection

Sunil talks how around the globe, inflation rates have fallen from 2022 highs but remain elevated, driven by labour shortages, higher energy prices, geopolitical tensions, and supply chain disruptions.

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Chris Tanner - JLEN
Chris Tanner
The evolving opportunity within renewable environmental assets

Chris discusses the evolving opportunities in sustainable investments, a theme of increasing importance as countries attempt to transition from fossil fuels.

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tommaso migliore - mdotm
Tommaso Migliore
AI-driven asset allocation

Tommaso's presentation will equip attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the strategic importance of AI in investment.

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glyn owen - mgim
Glyn Owen
Think-Tank Round-up

The Round-up brings together key messages from the presentations over the two days of the conference and weaves these into MGIM’s views, forecasts and outlook for the global economy and capital markets in the year ahead.

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