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Momentum is in all of us...’s an energy that propels us forward and moves us along our life’s journey. Established in the UK in 1998, Momentum is a specialist global investment manager, focused on designing, building and managing outcome-based investment solutions and consulting services.

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Why Momentum

What makes us different

We construct funds and portfolios with an outcome in mind. This means the starting point is already aligned to deliver on the predefined outcome. Every investment decision we make is with the outcome in mind. This ensures that we manage the risk relative to the outcome in the most optimal and effective way possible.

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Investment Consulting

provide independent advice to UK pension schemes

We have a wealth of experience spanning strategic advice, risk management, portfolio construction and implementation. In an industry that is moving towards ever-increasing specialisation, we see the value of having experienced generalists who can step back and see the big picture.

Investment Consulting

Global Fund Solutions

innovative outcome-based investment solutions

In this era of increased market volatility and investor uncertainty it is difficult for investors to ensure their specific risk / return requirements are met by their investment portfolios. Momentum has created a range of multi-asset solutions designed specifically to address this area of potential risk for investors.

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