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Global Matters - Weekly


The dangers of DIY

James Klempster, CFA - 24 February 2020

Thanks to our global client base we have the opportunity to meet advisers and institutional investors with a very varied mix of underlying client types.  Some live in countries that have a very well-established investment culture and others are more nascent. Regardless of which environment our end users are used to, the allure of investing on your own, without professional help, is always present.

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Who cares wins

Andrew Hardy, CFA - 17 February 2020

Nobody could have missed the global awakening to the debate on climate change over the past year.  The greater frequency of extreme events – fires, storms, flooding – as well as the increased visibility of movements like Extinction Rebellion have been key driving forces behind this, although the heightened attention is long overdue.

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Opportunities to leapfrog in Emerging Markets

David Lashbrook, CFA - 10 February 2020

Having personally experienced how the mobile telephone has transformed communications and enabled business in Africa, I wonder if the combination of poor existing infrastructure and technological advancement could transform the retail sector in emerging markets.  Just as Kenya-based Safaricom has led the world in mobile money transfers, I wonder if there is an opportunity for Africa to pioneer retail delivery via drone.

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Unknown unknowns: the coronavirus

Michael Clough - 3 February 2020

When we talk about risks to our investment outlook, we always warn of the threat of ‘unknown unknowns’, events that come seemingly out of nowhere that can’t be predicted or planned for. All we know is at some point they will arise. 

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