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Global Matters: Annual Compendium 2020

The Global Matters weekly readership has picked up greatly over the past five years and once again we mark the end of the year by sharing a compendium of 2020’s articles.  Across dozens of blogs, which incorporate a mix of investment insight with topical twists, this charts our journey through what has been the most extraordinary year. 

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Scotched Eggs

Alex Harvey, CFA - 14 December 2020

Of the five weekly blogs I will have written this year, none of them have been untarnished by Covid 19 with my first – Tipping Point – penned on 9th March as markets tumbled into the Corona induced abyss.  From the pre Covid peak on 12th February the market hit its lows just ‘28 days later’[1], with the streets of London and cities around the world looking eerily similar to those in Danny Boyle’s rage inducing horror of the same name.  

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A Pack of Wolves

Lorenzo La Posta, CFA - 07 December 2020

When I was a kid, the concept of wolves being dangerous, aggressive animals was instilled in me: they growl, they stalk, they kill. Yet, have you ever heard spine-tingling howls breaking through the night? It is primordially majestic. As I grew up, I found myself seeing wolves as fascinating, widely misunderstood creatures. I had to find my own pack.

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