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Multi-Asset Solutions

As a client-centric, solutions-driven investment business which is committed to creating solutions with an outside-in approach – we always start from the perspective and investment requirements of the client. In doing so, we work collectively with our supporting advisers to deliver investment solutions that align with clearly defined investment goals and outcomes of a wide range of their clients.

We offer multi-asset, risk-profiled solutions for our investors, in the UK, South Africa and beyond. These solutions include both unitised funds and model portfolios, based upon our unique outcome-based philosophy and process.

Our primary unitised fund ranges are the Momentum Diversified Funds for UK investors, the Momentum Global Managed Solutions range for South African investors and the Momentum Harmony Portfolios range for international investors.

We also manage a variety of more bespoke, white-labelled solutions.

All of these solutions are designed to be truly multi-asset, multi-specialist and well diversified. They are fully liquid solutions, with all asset classes accessed through listed securities, selected from around the world to take advantage of the huge breadth of opportunity available to us.

We use a combination of active, systematic and passive strategies, depending on what we see as most appropriate for each asset class. Our investment team carefully combines these to create solutions with the greatest chance of delivering on long term outcome targets, with thorough but carefully considered diversification embedded throughout the portfolio, including by asset class, geography, strategy, manager and style.

We believe this sophisticated and differentiated investment approach, combined with our client-centric solutions, our relentless focus on delivery and our uncompromising commitment to our distribution partners, set us apart from our peers.