About the Harmony Portfolios

The Harmony Portfolios are a long established range of globally diversified funds, designed specifically to provide a cornerstone investment. The range consists of 10 portfolios, each risk profiled and with a specific geographical and currency focus, housed in a Luxembourg UCITS structure with daily pricing and daily liquidity. The Portfolios aim to provide an ‘all-in’ cornerstone solution for clients that effectively takes responsibility for the significant research burden of investment and manager selection combined, specialist active asset allocation, portfolio construction and risk management activities.

Sustainable Growth Fund

Our Sustainable Growth Fund

Our Harmony Portfolios Sustainable Growth Fund was launched to meet the demand for strategies that balance both commercial and societal or environmental concerns, offering global exposure to a diversified range of asset classes and return drivers, with allocation focused on capital growth via sustainable investment strategies. This fund aims to be the gold-standard of multi-asset investing, while ensuring its investments perform financially, as well as meeting strict ESG criteria.


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How to invest

You can invest in the Harmony Portfolios in one of two ways:

  1. Invest via one of our platform or life company partners through your Financial Adviser
  2. Your Financial Adviser can assist you to invest directly by contacting J.P. Morgan SE - Luxembourg Branch and requesting the Prospectus, Key Investor Information Document and Application Forms which can be found in the literature library.


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How to invest