Global Matters Weekly - Macron's political gamble

Macron's political gamble

In this week’s Global Matters Weekly, Grégoire Sharma, CFA discusses whether French president Emmanuel Macron’s decision to hold snap elections may backfire.

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Andrew Hardy, CFA - 10 June

The future of fund management

In this week’s Global Matters Weekly, Andrew Hardy, CFA discusses the evolving landscape in the fund management industry, together with the opportunities and challenges this presents for investors.

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Tom Delic - 3 June

Reforms with Chinese characteristics

In this week’s Global Matters Weekly, Tom Delic discusses corporate reform in China, and the opportunities it may present.

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Slawomir Soroczynski - 20 May

Bipolar markets

In this week’s Global Matters Weekly, Slawomir Soroczynski presents the key events which have shaped the market structure over the last few decades and discusses the current state of the market in line with Mental Health Awareness Month.

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Mark Wright, CFA - 13 May

Hidden assets

In this week’s Global Matters Weekly, Mark Wright discusses a hidden asset that can be used to further diversify multi-asset portfolios.  

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Jade Coysh - 29 April

It could be gold's time to shine

In this week's Global Matters Weekly, Jade Coysh discusses the recent performance of gold and how there may still be upside relative to its long-term history

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Simon Price - 22 April

Will buybacks continue to bolster equity markets?

In this week's Global Matters Weekly, Simon Price discusses the role of corporate buybacks in equity demand and how they might be affected by a change in the macro environment

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Stephen Nguyen, CFA - 15 April

It's the little things that count

In this week's Global Matters Weekly, Stephen Nguyen, CFA discusses potential opportunities in small caps.

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Gabby Byron - 8 April

Weathering storms and building trust

In this week's Global Matters Weekly, Gabby Byron discusses the challenges UK investment trusts have faced over recent years and the opportunities presented.

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Charles Thomson - 25 March

Where has the 'greenium' gone?

In this week's Global Matters Weekly, Charles Thomson discusses investment opportunities in green bonds, taking advantage of changes in green-premium.

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Richard Stutley, CFA - 18 March

Has the US labour market turned a corner?

In this week’s Global Matters Weekly, Richard Stutley, CFA considers the state of the US labour market and what it might mean for inflation going forward.

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Gary Moglione - 11 March

The quiet investor

In this week’s Global Matters Weekly, Gary Moglione discusses the lessons we can learn from Ronald Read, the janitor who built an $8m portfolio by embracing frugality, discipline and patience.

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Lorenzo La Posta, CFA - 4 March

Leaping over leap days

In this week’s Global Matters Weekly, Lorenzo La Posta, CFA discusses how financial markets can change from one leap day to another.

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jackson franks - 26 February

(il) Liquidity of property

In this weeks Global Matters Weekly, Jackson Franks discusses  il(liquidity) investors face within the property market.

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Alex Harvey - 19 February

MOVErs and shakers

In this weeks Global Matters Weekly, Alex Harvey, CFA discusses interest rates, bond volatility and what's priced into US rates markets today.

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Matt Connor - 12 February

China is on the move

In this weeks Global Matters Weekly, Matt Connor discusses the rise of Chinese EV manufacturers and their quest to overthrow Western carmakers.

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Richard Parfect - 5 February

The fragility of trust

In this weeks Global Matters Weekly, Richard Parfect discusses how trust is hard won and easily lost and no organisation, no matter how large or old is immune from this risk. As investors we must acknowledge that companies are managed by people who are flawed and the management structure may not be strong enough to mitigate that.

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Gregoire Sharma - 29 January

The Trump spectre looms large

In this weeks Global Matters Weekly, Gregoire Sharma, CFA discusses how a potential second Trump presidency might affect markets and the geopolitical landscape.

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Mark Wright - 22 January

Big isn't always beautiful

Following the resurgence of the Magnificent 7 last year, Mark Wright looks back over history to see whether investing in the biggest of the biggest stocks is likely to be a sensible investment strategy that will continue to deliver strong returns.

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Tom Delic - 15 January

A quandary from McQuarrie

In this week’s Global Matters Weekly, Tom Delic discusses a study by Edward McQuarrie, which sheds new light on the relationship between equities and bonds.

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Jade Coysh - 8 January

New Year. New me. New you. New US?

In this week's Global Matters Weekly, Jade Coysh  discusses New Year predictions for US equities.

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Annual Compendium 2023

Annual Compendium 2023

As we approach the year's end, we present our Annual Compendium of award-winning blogs from 2023. An accumulation of articles composed by our investment team, blending investment insights with topical nuances. 


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Annual Compendium 2022

Annual Compendium 2022

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