Our Portfolios are designed to give investors of all risk profiles access to discretionary investment strategies suitable to them and their investment goals. Our solutions are structured to provide a sophisticated investment offering that aims to perform strongly in an array of market conditions. 

Why invest in a Model Portfolio Service?

With markets becoming ever more dynamic and changeable it can be a challenge for advice firms to keep on top of important areas such as asset allocation, fund research and fund selection. This is where a well-resourced Portfolio Service can come into its own, with a constant and consistent approach to market analysis and regularly re-shaping portfolios, aiming to improve outcomes for our clients. 

Who are the Portfolio Services suitable for?

Model Portfolios are ideal for clients who are looking for an investment solution that has a clear target outcome, is benchmark agnostic and who require a steady return from their investments. They are designed for clients who would like exposure to a wide range of assets through one portfolio and have lifetime goals in the medium to long term. 


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Designed to cater for a wide range of risk, return and ethical appetites. The Portfolios are highly diversified and spread risk by investing across regions and asset classes. ​As well as a wide diversification of assets, we also use a blend of investment styles and approaches that we feel support and are complementary to our outcome-based investment approach:

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Momentum Managed Portfolio Service

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Momentum Sustainable Managed Portfolios

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Momentum Passive Plus Portfolio Service

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Momentum Global Model Portfolios (closed to new investment)


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