The Fund range includes five funds, each designed to provide a balance of risk and reward profiles to meet your clients’ differing investment objectives. 

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VT Momentum Diversified Cautious Fund
  • Investment Target UK CPI +3% (net)
  • Volatility Objective  4-7%
  • Investment Horizon (min) 4 years +
  • Asset Exposure Global, Multi-Asset
  • Currency Exposure UK Centric
  • Inception Date 5 November 2012
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VT Momentum Diversified Balanced Fund
  • Investment Target UK CPI +4% (net)
  • Volatility Objective 6-9%
  • Investment Horizon (min) 5 years +
  • Asset Exposure Global, Multi-Asset
  • Currency Exposure  UK Centric
  • Inception Date 5 November 2012
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VT Momentum Diversified Moderate Fund
  • Investment Target UK CPI +5% (net)
  • Volatility Objective 8-11%
  • Investment Horizon (min) 6 years +
  • Asset Exposure Global, Multi-Asset
  • Currency Exposure UK Centric
  • Inception Date  5 November 2012
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VT Momentum Diversified Income Fund
  • Investment Target   UK CPI +5% (net)
  • Asset Exposure  multi-asset
  • Volatility Objective  8-11%
  • Investment Horizon (min) 6 years +
  • Annual income (net of fees)  aim 4% to 6%
  • Currency Exposure  UK Centric
  • Inception Date  8 April 2002
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VT Momentum Diversified Growth Fund
  • Investment Target UK CPI +6% (net)
  • Volatility Objective  10-14%
  • Investment Horizon (min) 7 years +
  • Asset Exposure  multi-asset
  • Currency Exposure  UK Centric
  • Inception Date 8 April 2002
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Diversified investing

The VT Momentum Diversified Fund range aims to provide an ‘all-in’ cornerstone solution for clients that effectively takes responsibility for the significant research burden of investment and manager selection combined with specialist active asset allocation, portfolio construction and risk management activities.

The fund range offers a choice of five funds to suit various risk profiles and objectives with the aim of achieving a clear financial goal. The Funds are managed by our specialist investment team and are designed to be held as a core, diversified, global multi-asset holding; a true ‘whole of market’ proposition.​

As well as a wide diversification of assets we also use a blend of investment styles and approaches, this is core to our outcome-based investment approach.

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Investment approach

Our Multi-Asset range is a risk rated set of Funds designed to suit a wide range of clients’ needs and objectives. The Funds are a combination of risk-rated, outcome-based strategies and are designed to compliment the diversification of investor portfolios through their different approach and holdings. 

The Funds have a disciplined and proven investment process and can be accessed either directly or via a wide range of life company and investment platforms.  The Funds are managed by our investment team, consisting of very experienced investment professionals with many complimentary skills and capabilities, working together to deliver the best possible outcome for clients aligned with their investment objectives.

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Strategic asset allocation

Our approach to strategic asset allocation focuses on outcome-based investment principles where we seek to optimise allocations both strategically and tactically to ensure a high probability of delivering against the fund’s objectives, which include a real return target over a minimum investment holding period, and as smooth a client investment experience / journey as possible during the investment. In the dynamic investment markets, we see tactical asset allocation plays an increasingly important part in optimising the approach on that journey.

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Investment selection

Within Equities we combine both a direct and talented third party manager approach, selected through a strong and robust research process, these managers tend to be specialist with a single focus and strong process. Within Fixed Income, the Funds select quality experienced managers who have a highly selective and differentiated approach. In Alternatives, the Funds invest in a wide range of assets and opportunities such as property, infrastructure, private equity and specialist lending which we expect to deliver long term sustainable returns, more reliable than equities and with more growth potential than bonds.

Bringing the combination of all these areas together, we believe is a truly unique and differentiated approach.



Our Fund range is ideal for clients who are looking for an investment solution that has a clear investment goal and is benchmark agnostic. The Funds are suitable for clients who:

  • have a required investment outcome with a defined level of risk 
  • have a medium to long term investment horizon and
  • would like exposure to a wide range of diversifying assets

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