Momentum Global Investment Management have managed multi-asset funds and model portfolios since 1998. The firm has a talented, experienced and well-resourced fund management team who focus on multi-asset and outcome-based investing.
As a boutique asset manager, we have the scale and expertise to deliver leading multi-asset Funds and Model Portfolio Solutions for advisers. Our solutions are structured to provide a sophisticated investment offering for a broad range of client risk profiles, that aims to perform strongly in an array of market conditions.
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Momentum Managed Portfolio Service

The Momentum Managed Portfolios are designed to give investors of all risk profiles access to discretionary investment strategies through model portfolios suitable to them and their investment goals. Our solutions are structured to provide a sophisticated investment offering that aims to perform strongly in an array of market conditions. The Managed range consists of six Managed Portfolios and one Income Portfolio designed to cater for a wide range of risk and return appetites.

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Momentum Diversified Funds

The Momentum Diversified Fund Range has been designed to offer a range of risk-rated funds targeting either income or growth in the form of targeted inflation plus returns over time horizons of four years or more. The funds are broadly diversified portfolios investing in a wide range of global asset classes such as equities, fixed income, cash, property, and alternative strategies. The funds’ strategic asset allocation is designed with the aim of achieving the real return investment target while remaining within their nominated risk bands. The funds’ tactical asset allocation is actively managed and reflects Momentum’s views on asset classes, regions, and currency at any point in time.

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Our Single-Asset solutions

The Momentum Global Funds range of single-asset class strategies consists of four specialist strategies spanning global developed markets, emerging market equities, and global bonds. They are large, long established and directly invested strategies managed by best-in-class specialists globally, that have been selected by our experienced investment team. Each is available individually through daily-dealing UCITS funds or can be combined to create customised multi-asset portfolios that cater for a wide range of investment requirements.


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What makes our approach different?

We focus on three main tenets: achieving the targeted outcomemaking the journey to the outcome as palatable as possible; and keeping clients invested through all market periods.

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Strategic Partners

Strategic partners

At Momentum Global Investment Management, we have a long history of working closely with various strategic partners and institutional investors, such as wealth managers, adviser networks, pension fund trustees, etc, who have particular requirements in terms of capital growth, income and risk matrix.

Our outcome-based investment approach allows us to work in close collaboration with partners as their insourced investment capability, often including the creation, where appropriate, of specific bespoke portfolios and/or reporting to meet the particular needs of their advisory model and of course their clients.

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Our service paradigm

Our investment philosophy

The investment philosophy is built on three core capabilities:


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