About the Harmony Portfolios

The Harmony Portfolios are a long established range of globally diversified funds, designed specifically to provide a cornerstone investment. The range consists of 10 portfolios, each risk profiled and with a specific geographical and currency focus, housed in a Luxembourg UCITS structure with daily pricing and daily liquidity. The Portfolios aim to provide an ‘all-in’ cornerstone solution for clients that effectively takes responsibility for the significant research burden of investment and manager selection combined, specialist active asset allocation, portfolio construction and risk management activities.

Our investment philosophy

The investment philosophy is built on three core capabilities:

Our investment process

The asset allocation process is disciplined, robust and valuation driven, and builds portfolios with true diversification across a wide range of non-correlated assets. ‘Best of breed’ fund solutions are then used to construct each portfolio. We recognise that no investment house has a monopoly of skill in all disciplines: having an unconstrained choice allows us to choose the most appropriate investment managers for any particular asset class. We are objective and independent in our approach, with no incentive to utilise a specific provider in the underlying composition of the portfolios.

Our Investment Philosophy
Regulatory information

To view the Harmony Portfolios prospectuses and Key Fact statements available in both English and Chinese click here.