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Momentum to rebrand Funds after Seneca acquisition

Momentum Global Investment Management to rebrand funds following Seneca acquisition

London, 06 April 2021: Momentum Global Investment Management Limited (“MGIM”) is to rebrand five of its funds following the acquisition of Seneca Investment Managers Limited (“Seneca”) last year. The move brings two of Seneca’s funds and three of MGIM’s existing funds together under new names to form an integrated and comprehensive range of diversified multi-asset funds for the UK adviser market. This re-brand does not impact any of the investment objectives of any of the funds, which will remain unchanged.

The rebranding of Seneca’s two funds, the VT Seneca Diversified Income Fund and VT Seneca Diversified Growth Fund, is effective April 2021. MGIM’s Focus 3, Focus 4 and Focus 5 multi-asset funds will also be rebranded in May, completing the range of 4 risk rated growth funds and 1 risk rated income fund.

All five funds are highly diversified portfolios investing in a wide range of global asset classes such as equities (both directly in the UK and selected third party managers overseas), fixed income, cash, property, and alternative strategies. The consolidated MGIM and Seneca investment teams will feed into all five funds, enhancing the investment resources for the portfolios. Full details of the funds are set out below.

The rebranding compliments the previously announced name change for the Seneca Global Income & Growth Trust plc (SIGT), which becomes the Momentum Multi-Asset Value Trust plc (MAVT) in April.

Ferdi van Heerden, Chief Executive, Momentum Global Investment Management Ltd, said:

“We have made great progress with the integration of Seneca into MGIM. This has ensured a combined business with a far broader and richer talent pool, all focussed on delivering target outcomes for clients. The Seneca and the Momentum Focus funds are very complementary and by fully integrating them into one Momentum branded range, this creates a comprehensive selection of risk rated multi-asset products designed to suit the needs of a whole spectrum of clients, either as their core investment holding, or at the very least a key addition to their existing portfolios.

“This is much more than just a cosmetic change. The enlarged investment team has been able to take their best ideas and deploy them across the integrated fund range. Going forward, investors should benefit from the output of this larger multi asset focussed team as their research depth and idea generation feeds into all of these solutions.”

Current Name New Name Timing
MI Momentum Focus 3 Fund VT Momentum Diversified Cautious Fund 28 May 2021
MI Momentum Focus 4 Fund VT Momentum Diversified Balanced Fund 28 May 2021
MI Momentum Focus 5 Fund VT Momentum Diversified Moderate Fund 28 May 2021
VT Seneca Diversified Growth Fund VT Momentum Diversified Growth Fund 06 April 2021
VT Seneca Diversified Income Fund VT Momentum Diversified Income Fund 06 April 2021


About Momentum Global Investment Management Limited

MGIM was established in the UK in 1998 and focuses on designing, building and managing outcomes-based investment solutions, delivered through multi-asset portfolios and tailored client solutions.

The company provides specialist investment management services to institutional clients, financial intermediaries and their clients in the UK and Europe, Asia and the Middle East, South America and South Africa.

MGIM has over £4.7 billion in assets under management and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited, a large South African insurance and investment business, listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

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