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Momentum: Coronavirus Update

Worldwide business practices are quickly adapting to quell the spread of COVID-19. Earlier this week the UK Government issued ‘social distancing’ measures which included avoiding large gatherings and crowded places and a strong recommendation that any employees that are able to work from home should do so.  We wanted to update you on Momentum’s response to this guidance and the steps that we are taking to ensure that our staff remain safe.  We are ensuring that we fulfil our duty as citizens to reduce the chances of spreading the virus whilst at the same time fulfilling our fiduciary duties by keeping our operational and investment environment bullet proof and continuing to provide you with exceptional service as business as usual.  For our investors and other partners, the differences should be imperceptible on a day to day basis.  The situation remains fluid and so we will continue to contact you periodically to provide updates on any necessary changes as well as, of course, keeping you up to date with the latest market news and the views from our investment team.  

Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
We have a comprehensive BCP plan in place to ensure that all aspects of our business can continue to function seamlessly. Our staff are equipped to work remotely with full access to all of our trading, operational and client servicing systems via secure remote access. 

For our investors, the transition from an office based to a remote working set up will be indiscernible.  This is a direct result of the thorough business continuity testing that we undertake on a regular basis.  

In line with government guidance and industry best practice, we’ve placed a restriction on any non-essential travel both domestically and internationally.

Investment and client meetings
We understand the crucial role that communication plays especially in times of market stress.  As a result, please assume that any existing meeting will continue as planned.  All meetings are now being conducted via a suite of telephone or video solutions. 

We are continuing to monitor the situation closely and will follow further Government and WHO advice.  Needless to say, if you would like to speak to us, or you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.