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Global Matters Weekly: Annual Compendium 2020

by Momentum Investment Desk

When we started writing our weekly Global Matters articles back in 2015, we had an ambition to change the way that we communicated with our rapidly expanding, global client base. We wanted to provide easy to digest and topical notes which relayed the latest thinking from our investment team to clients, whilst also offering insight into our approach and the individual characters across our team.

The Global Matters weekly readership has picked up greatly over the past five years and once again we mark the end of the year by sharing a compendium of 2020’s articles. Across dozens of blogs, which incorporate a mix of investment insight with topical twists, this charts our journey through what has been the most extraordinary year.

The events of 2020 will be pored over, studied and relayed for generations to come. In a single year, a decade’s worth of change has happened; only a fraction of that is apparent to us now, but the legacy of COVID-19 will become clearer through time. Time will tell but there’s a reasonable chance that this year could end up being the catalyst for more meaningful long-term shifts in markets, brought about in particular by dramatic changes in government policy and economies globally.

The world will of course remember 2020 for the pandemic and the massive toll it had on lives and livelihoods, which will leave scars long into the future. More narrowly for investors, it brought the longest economic expansion in history to a slamming halt, although remarkably returns for the calendar year will reveal little of the market turmoil. This crisis must remind us not to become overly dependent on one theme or asset exposure. Yes, it’s been a particularly unusual year, but the potential for surprises should never be overlooked.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank all our clients for their support. We never lose sight of the imperative role that you play in our business. The reason why your clients trust us is because you trust us.

From the whole team we wish our readers all the best in 2021, which we hope will live up to its potential as a year of strong recovery around the world.

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