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Harmony Sustainable Growth Fund

accessing multi-asset global growth in a sustainable and diversified manner

The Harmony Sustainable Growth Fund aims to provide capital growth in US Dollar terms but with a reduced level of volatility via strategic exposures to a wide range of asset classes. The Fund aims for a better sustainability profile compared to relevant broad market indices for the majority of asset class exposures by integrating Environmental, Social and corporate Governance (ESG) factors.

The Harmony Sustainable Growth Fund (HSG) is designed as a core multi-asset investment portfolio that invest in an underlying suite of open-ended investment funds, most of which have specific sustainability criteria embedded into their objectives. The team have selected a diversified blend of equity, fixed income, real assets and alternatives funds. The majority of these have been selected after considering their potential to consistently generate sustainable returns over time.

A core strategic portfolio allocation is modelled and tested to create the foundation from which we would expect the risk and return objectives to be met over time. This core portfolio is then populated substantially with managers who we consider to have robust and sustainable investment processes, and those we expect will blend well in pursuit of a more sustainable investment outcome.

We look for managers that will actively engage with the management of the companies whose shares they own, seeking to influence, engender change and hold management accountable to both sustainability as well as financial outcomes. Managers must act as responsible stewards of our clients’ capital.

We recognise that many of the most credible sustainable funds may not be labelled explicitly. We don’t limit our search to just ‘ESG’, ‘responsible’ or ‘sustainable’ funds. We also turn over the non ‘green’ stones.