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Environmental, Social & Governance


Mon Tresor - Environmental

Mon Tresor Business Gateway is carbon neutral, targets a 6 green star rating and is part of the first Smart City in Mauritius.

  • Carbon neutral
  • 5 green star rated and carbon neutral
  • Part of the first Smart City in Mauritius
  • Winner of the Best Green Building award at the API Awards 2019

SU Tower & 335 Place - Social

During the construction phase of the SU Tower and 335 Place:

  • MAREF created 1,215 jobs with a total of 2.5m hours worked
  • Incorporated a program of upskilling staff so that those with the most basic jobs can be trained in more specialist roles, thereby enabling them to be more employable in the future.



335 Place - Social

During the development and construction of 335 Place, we experienced severe flooding of the N1 highway immediately in front of the property. The rain water covered all three lanes and completely cut off the traffic. Our project engineer determined that the drainage pipes beneath the highway had insufficient capacity and as a result we invested a small portion of the project savings on installing an additional (and much larger) pipe underneath the highway which has proved to be adequate during subsequent rain storms. This has had a positive tangible impact on the broader community.


335 Place - Before Development

Before the introduction of the drainage pipe system the community was susceptible to severe flooding.


335 Place - After Development

The introduction of the drainage pipe system when 335 Place was developed has made a huge impact on the community.