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Multi-Asset Solutions - Momentum Focus Funds


What are the Focus Funds?

The Momentum Focus Funds are a range of outcome-based funds designed to provide a balance of risk and reward profiles to meet your clients’ differing investment objectives. The Funds are designed for investors who seek an investment solution with a clear goal and without undue risk.


Who are the Focus Funds suitable for?

The Focus Funds are ideal for clients who are looking for an investment solution that has a clear investment goal and is benchmark agnostic. The Funds are suitable for clients who:

  • have a required investment outcome with a defined level of risk 
  • have a medium to long term investment horizon and
  • would like exposure to a wide range of diversifying assets through one holding

Choice & Diversification

The Focus Funds offer a choice of three Funds to best suit client needs and objectives. The Funds are a unique combination of risk-rated, outcome-based strategies. The Funds are designed to be held as a core diversified, multi-asset holding that invest in best in class solutions managed by our specialist investment team. A true ‘whole of market’ proposition.


Control & Accessibility

The Funds have a disciplined and proven investment process and can be accessed either directly or via platforms.  The Funds are managed by our investment team who have worked together for over 10 years.

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