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Momentum Managed Portfolios


Our New Sustainable Portfolios

We have designed three new Sustainable Model Portfolios to complement our existing Managed Portfolio range. These align more closely to the responsible investing principles of our investment philosophy. Our Sustainable Managed Portfolios offer a suite of diversified multi asset portfolios with a dual mandate that caters for a range of risk and return objectives, whilst improving the sustainable investment footprint. The Portfolios seek to enhance the real wealth of clients by delivering inflation beating returns over time, whilst limiting drawdown and improving the investment journey.

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What are the Managed Portfolios?

The Momentum Managed Portfolio range consists of six Managed Portfolios and an Income Portfolio designed to cater for a wide range of risk and return appetites. The Portfolios are highly diversified and spread risk by investing across regions and asset classes. ​As well as a wide diversification of assets, we also use a blend of investment styles and approaches that we feel support and are complementary to our outcome-based investment approach.

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Who are the Managed Portfolios Suitable for?

The Managed Portfolios are ideal for clients who are looking for an investment solution that has a clear outcome and is benchmark agnosticand who want a steady return from their investments with a defined level of risk and have lifetime goals in the medium to long term. They are designed for clients who have a required outcome would like exposure to a wide range of assets through one portfolio.


Our Income Portfolio

Our Income Portfolio is designed to meet various income requirements. The Portfolio is carefully constructed with the objective to provide a sustainable income within a tight risk control framework.


Diamond & Risk Rated Model Portfolios

Our Managed Portfolios have been given a 5 star diamond rating and are also risk rated by Defaqto.

Our current Model Risk Ratings are as follows:

  • Managed Portfolio 3 - Defaqto Rated 3
  • Managed Portfolio 4 - Defaqto Rated 4
  • Managed Portfolio 5 - Defaqto Rated 5
  • Managed Portfolio 6 - Defaqto Rated 6
  • Managed Portfolio 7 - Defaqto Rated 8
  • Managed Portfolio 8 - Defaqto Rated 9
  • Income Portfolio - Defaqto Rated 4

Portfolio Performance

Our Managed Portfolios discrete performance over 5 years.




Source: Momentum Global Investment Management, Financial Express & Bloomberg Finance L.P. Past performance is not indicative of future returns. MGIM commenced management of the Portfolios from February 2016. Data as at 31 December 2021.


MPS Adviser Solutions Webinar January 2022

In this update we focus on four key areas:

  • 2021 – the year at a glance
  • Meeting inflation challenges
  • Performance review and Q4 drivers
  • Market outlook

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