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Momentum Managed Portfolios


What are the Managed Portfolios?

The Managed Portfolios consists of six Managed Portfolios and an Income Portfolio designed to cater for a wide range of risk and return appetites. The Portfolios are highly diversified and spread risk by investing across regions and asset classes, adhering to the Momentum’s outcome-based philosophy. ​As well as a wide diversification of assets we also use a blend of investment styles and approaches that we feel support and are complementary to our outcome-based investment approach.

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Who are the Managed Portfolios Suitable for?

The Managed Portfolios are ideal for clients who are looking for an investment solution that has a clear outcome and is benchmark agnosticand who want a steady return from their investments with a defined level of risk and have lifetime goals in the medium to long term. They are designed for clients who have a required outcome would like exposure to a wide range of assets through one portfolio.


Our Income Portfolio

Our Income Portfolio is designed to meet various income requirements. The Portfolio is carefully constructed with the objective to provide a sustainable income within a tight risk control framework.

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