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Single-Asset Investment Solutions


Global Equity Fund

The Global Equity Fund is designed to provide a style-balanced and well-diversified exposure to developed equity markets around the world that aims to outperform the MSCI World index over the medium to long term. The Fund is expected to exhibit a relatively low tracking error and avoid substantial drawdowns relative to the index and implements a best of breed approach by selecting and blending high conviction strategies run by specialist third party managers.

About the Global Equity Fund

Global Sustainable Equity Fund

The Momentum GF Global Sustainable Equity Fund is a well-diversified, low-cost equity strategy providing exposure to global developed markets. The Fund is actively managed using a quantitative investment strategy and aims to deliver returns comparable with the MSCI World Index over a rolling 3-year period. The Fund also aims for an improved environmental footprint and a better sustainability profile compared to the Benchmark by integrating ESG (i.e. Environmental, Social and corporate Governance) factors.