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Our Managed Solutions


What are the Managed Solutions?

The Managed Solutions target returns in excess of global cash rates, over clearly defined investment time horizons. The Funds provide a balance between capital preservation and capital growth over the full investment cycle with a reduced level of volatility. The Funds aim to meet their return targets by investing across a broad range of asset classes and currencies in varying proportions over time. These asset classes include international equities, fixed income, commodities, alternative strategies, property, money market instruments and asset allocation portfolios.


Who are the Managed Solutions suitable for?

The Managed Solutions are ideal for clients who are looking for an investment solution that has a clear outcome and is benchmark agnostic. Who want a steady return from their investments with a defined level of risk and have lifetime goals in the medium to long term. They are designed for clients who have a required outcome and would like exposure to a wide range of assets through one holding.


Choice & Diversification

The Managed Solutions offer a choice of three Funds to best suit client needs and objectives. The Funds target specific outcomes and are designed to suit different client risk profiles. The Funds are designed as core, risk-rated holdings, that benefit from the skill of the underlying managers.


Control & Accessibility

The Funds have a disciplined and repeatable investment process and can be accessed either directly or via platforms.

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